Neat Water Treatment Qatar Leading Water Treatment Company
Neat Water Treatment Qatar Leading Water Treatment Company
Neat Water Treatment Qatar Leading Water Treatment Company
Neat Water Treatment Qatar Leading Water Treatment Company

Reverse Osmosis is motion of permeation from an opposite direction, which is a method under the driving force of the pressure to separate solute most popular is the application in water treatment. Abio-ion, germ, virus, organic matter, colloid and etc can be wiped off by use of Reverse osmosis from solvent by the semi-permeable membrane. It is now popularly applied for purification and concentration of all kinds of liquid, and one of the techniques to obtain water with high purity.

Reverse Osmosis membrane

Reverse osmosis membrane is a compound membrane made of liquid core columns, separating net, membrane, screen and shell, the filter diameter is only 0.0001 micron, working pressure is 0.6-1.5Mpa, salt taking-off rate is up to99%, chemical ion, germ and virus can not pass and discharge with waste water, only water molecule and oxygen molecule with a volume less than 0.0001 micron can pass in order to get purified.

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Neat Water Treatment WLL is a leading organization in the filed of Water Sector , located in State of Qatar. We are committed to satisfy the customer requirements , striving to be one of the best associates and advisors with our advanced technologies and expertise. Being a good partner with our clients and stake holders we assure you our best services and attention at all times.

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Neat Water Treatment Qatar Leading Water Treatment Company
Neat Water Treatment Qatar Leading Water Treatment Company


Product Installation

Neat Water Treatment WLL provides fast and efficient installations of your whole-home water treatment and purification system throughout Lakeland, Winter Haven, Auburndale, Bartow, Plant City and throughout UAE County. Our factory-trained water treatment professionals will provide the direct connection to your water supply and install the required equipment for your premises. We will also provide instructions for replacing the filter cartridges. We will also test to ensure the equipment is removing the impurities and providing you with crystal-clear, refreshing and pure water throughout your entire home.

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Your brand-new Water Treatment and Purification System is manufactured in the UAE to rigorous standards and is designed for low maintenance. However, in the event your equipment needs to be serviced, simply contact us at +(974) 55839321 and we will immediately schedule an on-site factory-trained service technician to your location.

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Service Support

Your Neat Water Treatment WLL and Purification System is designed to provide years of great tasting water without chemicals or impurities. And to help protect your investment, we are pleased to offer a variety of affordable and convenient maintenance plans. These maintenance plans will help ensure your water treatment and purification equipment continues to operate at peak performance while minimizing service calls. Our maintenance plans include periodic system check-ups that helps technicians uncover any potential issues and replace worn parts before they fail saving customers time and money.

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Brackish Water & Sea Water RO desalination Plants- Skid Mounted /Containerized type

Desalination or desalting of water consists of a water treatment process by which sea or brackish water is converted into potable water for supplying communities that have the most difficulty accessing freshwater.

TSE Polishing Plants

TSE polishing plant is a concept where the treated sewage shall be further polished to portable water quality so as to make it reusable for cooling tower make up water instead of Fresh waters.

Ultrafiltration Plants.

Ultrafiltration is a low-pressure membrane process used to separate bacteria, viruses, and high molecular weight compounds colloidal and particulate matters from a feed stream.

Grey Water Treatment Plants.

Gray water treatment plants are plants designed to recycle and reuse water in the same or other places such as irrigation, agriculture, and bathrooms.


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